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Drainage 2000 Business Development Manager Appointment

Drainage 2000 are pleased to announce the appointment of our new business development manager Matt Jones. Matt will help to work with our existing client base and develop new relationships across the local and national drainage sector.

Why have we made the appointment?

Matt was appointed in line with the focus and ambition of the company to be the No.1 supplier of proactive and reactive drainage solutions in Derbyshire. Matt will spearhead this program and be instrumental in ensuring the company’s future success.

What is Matt’s role?

Matt’s role covers all bases from seeking out new opportunities, to liaising with existing customers.  This includes following up on customer quotations, both domestic and commercial, and the general promotion of the Drainage 2000 brand.

What is Matt’s background?

Matt has worked in the building and construction sector for over 25 years as an external salesperson for other well-respected companies.  These include products from kitchen/bedrooms, roof tiles/felts/windows, sealants, adhesives, building chemicals, tiling, levelling compounds, canopies. He is now “Going Underground” in the world of drainage. That may give you a clue to his favourite band too!

From Matt

Alongside the sales direction I intend to provide the company; I will also be a great team player in supporting the office staff in exploring new systems and processes. It is clear Drainage 2000 have built up some fantastic trading relationships over the years and my aim is to add a new sales element to this and a positive experience for all.

From Drainage 2000

Drainage 2000 are committed to providing a fantastic customer experience to both our local customers and our UK wide commercial partners. We hope that the appointment of Matt will further enhance our reputation as one of the leading drainage companies in the Midlands.

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