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Sensitive Major Drainage Infrastructure Work

At Drainage 2000, we work with several high-profile clients on their drainage infrastructure. These include major energy companies, highway agencies, construction companies and the UK rail network. The works we undertake are very often of a highly sensitive nature and require the utmost discretion and professionalism. Drainage 2000 have established themselves as a leading player in the UK commercial drainage sector. We have built up strong working relationships, due to our attention to detail and when required discretion. We recently completed a project for a major energy firm at their UK plant. Below we highlight how we undertook the project and the key factors we considered to enable a highly efficient service

The client requirements

The client was a major energy firm. They needed assistance on the pipe network at their UK based plant. The nature of the work required us to help them with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas and equipment. We initially ran a CCTV survey of their oil lines to firstly establish any issues & produce detailed documentation to highlight any long-term problems. We then used one of our powerful jet tankers to jet vac the system clearing any blockages that could compromise the lines. Finally, we installed liners to repair defects highlighted from the report and ensure lasting protection and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Commercial drainage

How did we prepare for the job?

Like any commercial work we undertake, we scoped the site prior to visit, we produced a process of works risk assessments and a method statement was formalised before the team arrived at site. Then prior to commencing work the teams were inducted before we went through our meticulous methods to ensure a highly efficient result.

Commercial drainage work

Did we encounter any surprises or problems along the way?

All went according to plan. Working to our stringent health & safety procedures, no difficulties were encountered. The project was executed as per the initial timescale and client expectations.

CCTV drain survey

What was the result?

All repair works completed safely and discreetly within the specified timescales and budgets. The client was particularly happy with the level of detail produced from the initial survey and how quickly we managed to rectify the issues.

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