When is a CCTV drain survey required?



What is a CCTV drainage survey?

Other than drain excavation which exposes the drainage system, the only real alternative to view the state of your drains is to use CCTV cameras.  There are different types of camera and this is depending on how large the pipework is. Most domestic pipework is 100mm > 225MM in diameter. A CCTV survey can be used for REACTIVE or PROACTIVE situations. Reactive is often classed as emergency and proactive is often classed as preventative.

Reactive CCTV drain surveys

These symptoms usually arise when something is wrong with the property’s standard operational system. In both domestic and commercial situations these can be blocked toilets, sinks not draining away properly, smells or manholes overflowing. Typically, a jetting system is utilised initially to remove/clear the problem(s) and a CCTV camera is then utilised to “look-see” what caused the problem build up. There is not always a need to record the footage but a full report can be provided upon request.

Proactive CCTV drain surveys

The old adage of prevention is better than cure is very real for drainage systems as a large number of CCTV surveys are carried out when a reactive situation arises.  It can be that also the phrase “out of site is out of mind” applies but this can be like “an ostrich with its head in the sand” too! Maybe a routine inspection could be beneficial?

Domestic drain survey requirements

Most domestic surveys are carried out as a result of a reactive situation arising or following a home buyer report via an estate agent/chartered surveyor that requests an inspection/report be carried out. Checking for house/roof structure is common practice for the majority of home buyers reports but just because you cannot see the drainage system does not mean there may be a problem! Don’t wait for reactive, be proactive!

Commercial drain survey requirements

Whilst reactive situations are also very real with commercial properties, proactive is also prevalent as house builders at various stages of the build process and prior to the home owner moving in, depend on our services to make sure all is correct before handing over to the next stage of development.  After all, it is great for a homeowner to move in at the end of a build and enjoy all the features they can see but they will have no idea how well the drainage system is performing until there is a problem! What was thrown down the drainage system once the contractors who laid them have left site?

How can Drainage 2000 help?

Our fleet of drain inspection vehicles are fully equipped with the latest CCTV technology & innovation. Designed to ensure you are provided with the best information and recommendations needed to ensure your drainage and sewers are kept to their optimum standard.  Surveys are recorded using state of the art WinCan systems, recording directly to various types of media, and can be transferred onto CD/DVD/USB/SD Cards as and when required.

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