Rats In A Drain Pipe - CCTV Pest Surveys


“Like A Rat Up A Drainpipe!”

Unfortunately, Rats are non-avoidable when it comes to drainage, they almost go hand in hand.

How do rats get in your drains?

It’s natural for rats to be drawn to your drains, due to them being dark, secluded, and wet, they offer the perfect nesting environment and protection from the elements. Rats will travel up and down sewer systems in the search for food and water, this hunt normally leads them towards residential homes and businesses.

It is very rare, but yes, rats can come up your toilet!

They are swimmers and can hold their breath for a very long time. If a rat finds its way into your toilet drainage pipe, then they can work their way up through the toilet bowl. A rat can squeeze through the tiniest of holes, making it incredibly easy for a rat to slip through any hole in your pipework and end up either inside your home, or your cavity walls!

How do you know you have rats?

You may not physically see a rat, but if they are in your pipework then there will be signs. If you ever notice rat droppings, chewed paper/crumbs, or thumping sounds coming from inside your walls then you definitely need a CCTV Survey.

How will a Drain CCTV Survey help?

A Drain CCTV Survey or in this case a CCTV pest survey will inspect all your drains. It will search for signs of rats, and any possible entry points. If any cracks are found on the CCTV report, then the line can be properly repaired and block the rats from gaining entry.

How Can Drainage 2000 Help you?

If you think you might have rats, or other pests occupying your drains or sewers. Then speak to a member of our team about our CCTV Pest Surveys.

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