Supporting a great local cause

Drainage 2000 are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring Mansfield Hosiery Mills Football Club. The team is new and requires the support of a good sponsor to help them establish themselves with a new kit, attract players and pay for other fees associated with registration.

We are always looking for opportunities to help out within the local community and when given the opportunity to promote a grassroots football team we jumped at the chance.

About the team

Mansfield Hosiery Mills Football Club will be looking to have a good first season under the stewardship of the coaching team. Working with these fantastic coaches will help to develop the talented team to hopefully become better footballers, but also encourage some team spirit and a love for the sport.

A no brainer decision

Since forming the business in 1999 we have always taken a keen interest in establishing relationships within the local community. When I first heard about Mansfield Hosiery Mills Football club, I knew it was something that we as a company would be interested in supporting. Promoting an active lifestyle and creating camaraderie at an early age can help these kids develop skills they can use in later life. So this opportunity was a no brainer. Good luck to the team this season!

Andy Moreton, founder Drainage 2000

Drainage 2000 in the community

Mansfield Hosiery Mills Football Club joined the other sports team including Newtown Linford Cricket Club That Drainage 2000 support. We value our customers and the communities they live in, giving a little bit back where we can is close to our hearts.

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