Winter is coming, are your drains ready?


It’s common knowledge that when water freezes it expands. This then means the material containing any water will be put under pressure by the expansion. Outside pipes and drains are no exception to this rule and can burst under the pressure.

How to prepare

  1. Clean - The quickest and easiest option in protecting your drains from the cold, is to clean them! Remove all debris from drains to prevent any potential freezing and blockages.
  2. Drain - If you have any outdoor hosepipes that will not be use this winter, then we recommend draining them and storing them away in a warm dry place. Your outdoor taps as well, it is always best to close the indoor valves and leave the outdoor ones open. This will just allow the water to expand safely.
  3. Repair - We recommend Looking around your property regularly and inspecting your drainage. It is always best to check while taps and amenities are on, so you can quickly pick up on any leaks.If you do notice a leak, you can purchase a quick repair kit. However, it is important to know that if the leaking pipe connects to either of your heating or water mains then you should never use a kit and instead contact either us or a plumber.
  4. Insulate - Insulating your pipes is one of the best ways to protect against the frost. Typically, this option is overlooked as it is deemed as expensive, however insulation can be cheaply purchased. You should be able to pick up from any good DIY store either circular insolation tubes, or heat tape. Both options can wrap around any outside pipe and keep it protected from the elements.

Can We Help?

If you need any more advice on how to protect your drains this winter, contact Drainage 2000. We are a team of drainage specialists, should you require any of our services please contact the office on 01246 456300 or and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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