Commercial blocked drains

First established in 1999, we have established several long-term commercial partnerships with companies across the Midlands and throughout the UK. We work with companies who are looking for a highly professional service with minimal disruption to the general running of their business. Our commercial drain unblocking and clearance service will quickly get your business back up and running 

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Commercial drain clearance

We offer our commercial drainage clearance and unblocking services to businesses across the Midlands and UK. Coupled with over 20 years' experience working with commercial clients around the UK, our team also come equipped with the highest quality tools in the industry, and our fleet can cater for all job sizes. Call today to speak with our team.

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Blockages or damages

Blocked pipes can result in the facilities across your commercial property to become unusable. Blockages to your drainage system can cause a knock-on effect to other features within your business to stop working. They include toilets, sinks, shower facilities, urinals, drainpipes and gutters.

Our team of experienced engineers can effectively identify the source of the blockage and quickly restore working order.

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Unpleasant smells

When waste builds up and becomes trapped within your pipes due to a blockage it can result in a range of very unpleasant smells. If you are operating a commercial kitchen within the hospitality industry, such as a pub or restaurant. These smells can have a detrimental effect on your customers experience when visiting your establishment. Ultimately resulting in long-term damage to your company’s overall reputation. 

Our professional team utilises state of the art technology to quickly identify the source of the smell and quickly eradicate the odour.

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Standing flooding and water

Blockages to your commercial drains can prevent the free flow of water away from your business. In some cases, this can result in excess water to build up and cause damage to your building. This built-up water can then escape into cracks or even the foundations of your property causing flooding or even jeopardise the structural integrity of your property. 

The commercial team at Drainage 2000 will help to establish the source of the blockage, remove any excess water, removing the risk of structural damage or flooding.

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Taking pride in what we do since 1999

Every commercial drainage solution we implement is designed to deliver complete customer satisfaction, with minimal disturbance to your workplace. Since 1999 we have looked to establish key working relationships with our commercial partners. As a result of this we have acquired a reputation for excellence within the UK;’s commercial drainage sector. We always ensure everything we do is cost-effective and resolves the blockage first time.

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What our customers think

"I want to thank you all so much for helping us last week. Graham and Jake came and did a fantastic job for us in our hour of need! We much appreciate all your help and your very fast response.

Just to add, I had tried several companies before getting to Drainage 2000 and they were not even answering their phones. I can’t tell you the relief when Andy phoned me back after I rang and though he couldn’t arrange anyone there and then, Graham and Jake came out the next day. We had managed to get the water levels down ourselves when Andy rang but I felt that he did everything he could for us and just knowing we were going to get help was so good."

Joan Pass