Tanker jetting

Tanker jetting

A Tanker is predominantly used to remove silt & debris from a sewer, typically your larger systems. A tanker will use a higher flow of water at a lower pressure to remove any blockages. This ensures a quick and thorough cleaning of the sewer system.

Drainage 2000 drainage tankers

We employ tanker jetting when the pipe work has a greater diameter of 100mm, believe it or not some of these can go up to 1200mm!

Typically, a tanker jetter is used for cleansing pipework where silt and other debris are causing problems to the drainage systems. Blocked drains and slow flowing water can have a detrimental effect on the supply of clean water. Our tanker jetters can be deployed to support cleaning maintenance programmes and emergency call-outs.

When is a drainage tanker jetter required?

Tanker jetters are useful to clean pipe work from 100mm diameter upwards and are ideal for cleansing pipework with minimal silt debris content.

Some of the applications where tanker jetting is best suited, include the following:

  • Removing blockages of accumulated waste, such as household and small industrial debris
  • Removing thick fat and grease
  • Removing solid objects lodged in pipework
  • To strip hardened deposits built up over time from pipe walls
  • Clean and flush pipe works as part of any scheduled or planned maintenance
When is a drainage tanker jetter required?

Why choose Drainage 2000?

We have invested heavily in our wide-ranging tanker jetting fleet. We utilise our vast experience and the latest technologies and innovation fitted as standard to all our vehicles. These include:

  • Jetting pumps: 14 gallons per minute to 70 gallons per minute
  • Tank capacities: 400 gallons to 1200 gallons
  • Gas Detectors on all units
  • Escape Sets / Man Rescue Winch on all units
  • CCTV equipment to report accurately our findings back to you
Why choose Drainage 2000?

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