Vactor services

Vactor services

Drainage 2000 has equipment and vehicles specially designed to meet the demands some customers have for a fast clearance of pipes, culverts and sewers from 100mm upwards. These services are designed to clean the largest, deepest and most inaccessible of heavily silted drains, quickly.

Specialist vactor services

These fast services carry out works up to 600% quicker than conventional jetting and because of high flow rates and variable low pressures the structure and integrity of the drainage system is never compromised.

Simultaneous high-pressure jetting and collection of back-flushed effluent allow recovery of waste from 30 meters vertically. Dry or semi dry waste can be vacuumed from distances of up to 100 meters horizontally. The services unique operating features mean faster effluent collection with fewer disposal trips. An air lift centrifugal pump loads waste matter through a 200mm pipe into a 9m3 capacity tipping debris tank. When the debris tank is full the operator simply drains off surplus liquid and continues cleaning. This operation can be carried out several times before the need to dispose safely arises. Our highly skilled engineers can use these innovative designs to help you, fast!

What can vactor services be used for?

  • Excavation
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Tank cleaning
  • Commercial line jetting
  • Industrial clean-up
What can vactor services be used for?

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