CCTV drainage inspection
and surveys

It is good practice to ensure that the sewer system in your commercial property is regularly checked for blockages or other drainage issues. A CCTV drainage survey can help you to quickly and accurately diagnose the drainage problem. This can help provide a cost-effective solution to the ongoing maintenance of your drainage network and negate the need for a costly repair or replacement.

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How can we help?

Drainage 2000 specialise in monitoring, inspecting and providing long term viable cost-effective solutions to drain networks and other underground assets.

Our fleet of drain inspection vehicles are fully equipped with the latest CCTV technology & innovation. Designed to ensure you are provided with the best information and recommendations needed to ensure your drainage and sewers are kept to their optimum standard.

Surveys are recorded using state of the art WinCan systems, recording directly to various types of media, and can be transferred onto CD/DVD/USB/SD Cards as and when required.

    Safety first

    All operators are trained to the highest standards in safety and have successfully passed and qualified at OS19/21 standards. Safety will always remain our number one priority. This ethos guarantees that all types of work undertaken by Drainage 2000 are carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. Drainage 2000 staff, systems and reports all meet with the exacting requirements set out by all Water Authorities, guaranteeing their quality, consistency and value.

    Whether it is a standard site survey for pre-adoption, to full sewer traverse and entry into confined spaces. Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals will do the job right.

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    Do you require an urgent report?

    Drainage 2000 Ltd has on-site reporting facilities so you can receive the report the same day as the survey. As an added service Drainage 2000 Ltd can trace and locate pipework on the surface for depths up to 15m. Speak to one of our CCTV drain inspection specialists today and see how drainage 2000 can help you.

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