Drainage excavation

A drain excavation is in most cases, the final resort of treatment for a damaged drainage system. It involves the actual digging of a hole or trench, thus providing direct access to the affected areas.

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What we do

We cover small domestic repairs to full scale drainage replacement and civil works. Drainage 2000 Ltd provide a comprehensive and professional excavation service.

Excavation works can be very disruptive. At Drainage 2000 Ltd we ensure the disruption is managed and kept to a minimum, with key stakeholders kept informed at all times.

    When is drainage excavation required?

    If the drain you are attempting to access is old, in need of replacement, or a pipework with multiple leaks. It may require excavation as opposed to more conventional drain repairs. Some of the most common problems which can require drainage excavation include:

    • Subsidence, resulting in pipe disconnection
    • Tree roots
    • Old drainage replacement
    • Flooded pipes
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    Drainage excavation

    Our engineers and operators are trained to work to the highest standards, offering safety and customer care excellence as standard. Respecting both properties, the environment and people around them.

    Our commitment to you is total, which ensures we will never compromise on safety, quality or employ subcontractors.

    Each excavation team has a Supervisor in-charge. They are fully trained in all aspects of traffic management and street works to the latest standard. They have delegated authority to ensure all excavations are safe for our staff and people around the works.

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