Jet-vac services

A jet vac tanker combines high pressure jetting capabilities with a highly powered tankering facility. They are primarily deployed for cleansing larger diameter pipes and removing abnormal amounts of silt and difficult debris from sewer systems.

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How does high pressure jetting work?

High pressure vacuum tankering works by passing water through a small hole or pipe generating large volumes of pressure. This pressure can be used to clean and cut through the affected areas. It removes any debris causing blockage to the drainage or sewer system. This method of sewer cleaning is a simple and environmentally friendly solution to many underground sewer and drainage issues.

    When is a jet-vac required?

    Drainage 2000’s fleet of Jet Vac’s cover a wide range of applications for high performance drain cleaning and our jet vac engineers use a variety of techniques designed to:

    • Remove blockages of accumulated waste
    • Remove thick fat and grease
    • Remove solid objects lodged in pipework
    • Strip hardened deposits from pipe walls
    • Clean and flush industry pipework
    • Restore full flow
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    Efficient and cost effective service

    We provide a fast and cost-effective solution. Our high-pressure jet vac tankers can help those working in short timeframes and on a tight budget. Our jet vac engineers are both highly trained and experienced to work in all types of scenarios. We can assist you at a time and schedule that suits you, anywhere across the UK. Drainage 2000 will restore full flow, quickly and with minimal disturbance to the surrounding infrastructure.

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