Pipe relining

If you are suffering from a damaged or deteriorating drainage system, it's imperative that you address the issue quickly! A damaged pipework system can put your home or commercial property at risk from leakage, flooding, blockages and in extreme instances, subsidence. In many cases the issues are caused by cracked or broken pipework. A sewer rehabilitation process is often required.

Pipework relining offers a cost-effective pipe repair solution with negligible environmental impact. It creates very little disruption to the existing sewer and surrounding infrastructure. Leaving you free to operate as ‘business as usual’

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What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining creates a "pipe within a pipe" solution for drainage maintenance. The life of a damaged pipework can be extended exponentially by introducing new pipework within. The benefits offered by relining include avoiding any disruption above ground, the fast return of the drain to its full functioning capacity and the saving of the expense associated with traditional excavation.

    How do we do it

    There are various pipe relining techniques available. the most common is inverting a resin impregnated felt tube with a polyurethane coating through the damaged drain. This gives a sealed coating moulded rigidly in place using water or air pressure. The outcome is a new pipe within the old one. The new pipe has the following properties:

    • Is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack
    • Will prevent leaks or root penetration
    • Is resilient to ground movement
    • Has minimal cross section loss (typically less than 7%)
    • Improves flow
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    Hot & cold cure systems

    Both hot & cold cure systems can be available depending upon host pipe size and its current condition. Then sophisticated robotic cutters are used to repair and remove any obstructive roots from the pipework. Where junctions are present we have the facility to re-open the connection by means of a lateral cutting unit.

    All of this is carried out below ground using the latest robots and pipe resins, leaving the above ground area fit for business as usual.

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    Why reline your pipes

    Typically, our customers see their drains and sewers suffering from root infiltration, corrosion, cracking and even total collapse which leaves 2 options, excavate, repair and replace or line using our latest ‘no-dig’ technology.

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    How can we help

    We offer full length pipe lining and patch repair work of drains and sewers. We can cover 100mm diameter to 4000mm diameter. We use ambient cure polyester resins, heat cured thermosetting resins and other innovative solutions. At Drainage 2000 we possess the full arsenal of products, services and solutions to get your sewer systems back up and running.

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