CCTV drain and
sewer surveys

There are many variants that can cause a blockage to your drains. Proper diagnosis of the issue is essential to assess the nature of the problem. Upon completion of this thorough inspection we can advise upon the best course of action to fix the issue.

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When is a drainage
survey required

A drainage survey is often required to accurately report back on any issues with both a commercial or domestic drainage system. The report will not only highlight exactly what is wrong with the drainage system. But also provide the peace of mind to the client that there will be no recurrences of the issues or knock on effects of the treatment.

    Why choose Drainage 2000?

    Drainage 2000 are a leading player in the UK drainage market. We have over 20 years’ experience in working with both commercial and domestic drainage networks. As well as being industry experts, at Drainage 2000 we are committed to providing an excellent experience to all our customers. We have invested in the latest, innovative CCTV drainage technologies and personnel. This ensures we always provide a highly efficient and cost-effective service to both our domestic and commercial clients.

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    Excellence comes as standard

    Using our specialist CCTV technology and reporting software, coupled with our industry expertise. We can determine the condition of the drain system and deliver a highly accurate drainage inspection report. This report will detail exactly what the issue is and how to remedy it. Drainage 2000, where excellence comes as standard.

    At Drainage 2000 we employ drainage CCTV engineers who are trained to use innovative technologies and software to produce an accurate assessment of the affected area. Our sewer and drainage inspection teams will use CCTV technology to produce an accurate drain survey showing what drainage repairs are required. It will also identify any other potential issues that may occur because of the blockage.

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